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Pool Covers


500 MICRON SOLAR POOL COVERS 8 Year Pro Rata Warranty

Australis Manufacturing is the only pool cover manufacturer to weld their solar blankets horizontally, for ease of rolling. Can heat your pool by up to 8 Degrees Celsius.

  • Can reduce the rate of evaporation by as much as 97%
  • Cut your chemical usage by as much as 50%
  • Will keep your pool much cleaner


As the name implies, these covers are an ideal solution for pools that are subject to a degree of leaf fall. Many customers employ this type of cover as a means of closing the pool completely for the winter or “non swimming season” where they give the pool a final clean and then put on the winter cover for the duration of the winter, confident that the pool will remain free of leaves and debris over the winter months. The saving in cleaning time is substantial.

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Onga, Pentair, ASTRAL POOL, Jandy, The Peelclears, Aqua Quip, Lincoln, Zelbrite, D&D Technologies, Waterco, Pool Controls, Zodiac

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