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Pool Chlorinators

SALTIGEMEnhanced Salt Water Management

The Saltigem gives you complete control over your pool water management – seasonal adjustments can be made at the touch of a button and optional pH control makes the Saltigem the most efficient and smartest salt chlorinator around.

SALTIGEMFully-Automated Water Management System

The Chemigem D10 Water Management System measures water quality and adds precise doses of chemicals to ensure that your pool is clean and safe to swim in. With a Chemigem, the “hit and miss” methods of dosing by hand are a thing of the past. This means you get a better result and save money!

We only sell quality products including the following:

Onga, Pentair, ASTRAL POOL, Jandy, The Peelclears, Aqua Quip, Lincoln, Zelbrite, D&D Technologies, Waterco, Pool Controls, Zodiac

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